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Friday, September 7, 2007

xml bites again

Have you seen anybody who actually like doing j2ee/xml work?

I haven't and just because 90% of java work is j2ee stuff they are tied to it in spite of the dislike. If you have noko niko calendar of your team all you will see is :( . Apparently it took 1 day for me to integrate one external ejb with our module. I don't consider myself a j2ee expert but honestly how good are collection of xml configurations when every time you change something you have to redeploy. All I want is to compile and run my tests, is it too much to ask? . If you have a big project like us then you are screwed because every XML change requires jaring, redeploy and restart of your application. Its quite a big cycle when you have no compiler watching for your deployment descriptor errors. I am not sure whether Websphere application developer or Weblogic workshop have any sophisticated logic to validate your DD's before even deploying it.
Anyways do we really need all these descriptors to deploy some manage beans? Introspection and clever defaults could solve all the problem and it doesn't need a CS degree to figure that out, maybe some practical experience.
Honestly have anyone used any 3rd party ejb components or followed all the j2ee roles? If Java at all wants to make a component market a reality make it easy for developers.