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Monday, August 11, 2008

View hidden files in Finder

Lately I am having stupid merging issues with .classpath (eclipse) file because of subversion. Anyways that's not what I want to discuss here. In Mac dot files are hidden and you cannot view them in finder by default and my windows friends find that bit annoying while pairing. So I looked up and found that we could use "defaults" command from terminal to change some of these behavior. For example if you want to view hidden files in finder, the following command will enable it

defaults write YES

To make the above command work you have to restart your finder from your dock though.

Not only that , you have other hidden features that you could enable, especially I liked the one where you could drag widgets from dash board to your desktop.

Even better you have TinkerTool which allows you to play with these hidden defaults from a nice gui...Sweet.