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Saturday, September 27, 2008

I give up...mysql

Its over with mysql. I hope that I don't see it again. There are things that you love about database and installing them is not one of them, especially when it comes to MySql. No no I am not trying anything fancy, all I want is to get Mysql up and running on my new Mac book pro.

The installation process goes through fine but when time comes to login, mysql comes back with aceess denied for ''. According to the documentation, root user comes with no password...hmmmm, never mind. Lets move on.

My first reaction was , maybe its using some old my data folder that I migrated from my old mac book pro.

So I tried running /bin/mysqld_safe --init-file=reset-root-password-file to reset my root password. The init file contains an update sql statement to update mysql.user table with a new password for root user. To my surprise the situation did not improve at all.

Next I tried starting the mysql deamon server with -skip-grant-tables option and it worked. No don't start celebrating yet, when I said worked I mean now I was able to connect to the server using my mysql client. And when I looked up the user table I discovered that I don't have any users. Why ? I really don't know. At this point I have already spent 2 hours figuring out the problem but not ready to give up yet. I looked it up on google and as usual I am not alone, some mysql installation doesn't run the post installation script to create users and grant permissions.

All mysql installation comes with a mysql_install_db script under mysql/scripts folder. Apparently for some installation you have to run it manually. I am not sure why?.

Anyways, finally I thought I got it. So I went ahead and ran the mysql_install_db, it fails. This time because of 'duplicate entry for localhost-'. Apprently this happens when your hostname is set to localhost. Maybe this it, so as recommened I changed my hostname to my name and hooray the script ran successfully. Now I am ready to build the rails app I was planning (the only reason I want to use mysql in first place is because my pair has that setup) for in the first place. But my mysql server doesn't start up and it doesn't even show any error message.

I think 3 hours a lot of time to setup a database and I cannot take it anymore