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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ritual vs Standups

As an agile team we are terribly affectionate about lots of things and Standups is one amongst them. We do it everyday religiously and discuss our last day’s activity, plan for today and hurdles one needs to over come.

I feel like ritual when I attend the meeting every morning. I could feel very subtle differences between this type Standups and Status meeting. The bigger and better benefit of it is to have a shared commitment across the team and to get a positive feeling. If some pair is having a problem it becomes teams problem and the whole team should try to solve it.
Unfortunately umpteen times it remains as status meeting. I believe we should be proactive enough to say NO to such meetings because if it is just about status we have card wall.

I am working on how to make my team more insightful and proactive about standups rather than just one morning ritual.