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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Web UI prototyping

I guess we all agree to the fact that developers are not very good UI designers, atleast I am not. 5 pixel here, 10 pixel there is not my cup of tea. So we have UI analysts, designers, usability experts to bother about them. But how helpful is your UI prototype if developers can't even use it. I hear some people use photoshop for prototyping. Now whats wrong with this picture.

Let me guess,
  • we don't know what color code you are using?
  • no html code to start with?
  • fonts, borders other style sheet properties are up for interpretations
  • and any more...
if you as a designer don't get the feeling of how it works in html or how long it going to take, how good that could be for the project?

I think its very important to see that developers get a cleanly built static html page to start with. So that they can plug-in their dynamic parts to it.